Piano Companion has scale chords

Posted on December 6, 2014 by songtive

You Asked – We Listened!

This major update brings to you new engine which displays common supported chords for a selected scale. Moreover, it lists main analytical labels: Secondary Dominant and Secondary Leading-Tone to get even deeper overview of the scale. We ported colouring engine from Songtive app so chords are highlighted according to their root note. Take a look at D Minor scale chords:


Tap on the button to hear how chord sounds and tap on magnifying lens to see chord details. You can also toggle between triad and seventh chords in the top-right corner.

Circle of Fifths is smart enough to detect which mode (sharps or flats) should be enabled automatically (thanks Dr. Deborah R. S.) and it also contains scale chords engine too:


Many of you asked of Chord Progressions screen UI optimisations and we decided to integrate new Scale Chords engine as the first step to simplicity of progression input. You will be able to quickly add common chords into progression without switching between screens.


On that screen you can see that scale chords are available only for a new item (or when chord is not set). You can quickly add any chords by tapping plus icon (see label #2) and change scale from Piano Companion scale dictionary (see label #3).

This update contains major internal rework of UI and more improvements are coming with next update.

Looking for feature? Feel free to contact us: pianocompanion.ios@songtive.com