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Song Remixes. Notifications.

Posted on January 17, 2015 by songtive

We are proud to introduce a new Songtive feature – Remixes.┬áStarting from that update you will be able to take a song then change chords, styles or drum set and publish it. Let’s see how it works!

We are going to change a song All of Me. The original song contains only one style which plays song chords.

Let’s add a cello as another style.

Tap on “Save Remix” and your first remix is ready; check it out how it sounds.

Since our remix has been based on another song you will be able to navigate to that song by tapping on a button “inspired by”. You can even see all song remixes by tapping the icon at the top-right corner and hear how they sound.


Another major feature is notifications. If anyone commented or remixed your song you’ll receive a notification about that at the top-right corner. Tapping notification you will open the song which has been commented or remixed. Notification could be read in the Songtive Web too.


That’s all for now folks! Songtive for iOS could be download from Apple Store.