Why upgrade to Pro

Android / iOS

By upgrading to the Pro version of Piano Companion, not only are you helping our team continue to develop this game-changing app, but you’re also expanding your own capabilities and learning potential as well. There are four levels of the Pro version of Piano Companion, each one dedicated to varying levels of flexibility and progression. Let’s take a look.

  • The All-In-One Pro package unlocks all available Pro features including Chords, Scales, and Progressions. This Ad-Free package is  the most inclusive, and has garnered the most attention from early testing audiences.

  • Chords Pro. With this Pro package, you are able to change any chord root and utilize up to 6 chord inversions. Additional features include marking favorite chords using user libraries and utilizing compatible chord scales. You will be able to create a custom chord or edit existing one.
  • Scales ProWith Scales Pro, you gain access to a huge library of available scales to choose from. Additionally, you will have access to a comprehensive list of keys where you will be able to mark and filter favorite scales as well as navigate and utilize all common scale chords. You will be able to create a custom scale or edit existing one. 
  • Progression Pro. With the Progression Pro package, you can quickly generate an unlimited number of chords in a progression through the use of patterns and also experiment with common scale chords directly from the progression screen. Additional features include transposing, saving & loading your progressions, and then exporting them for later use as MIDI files.

If you already own a Pro item but aren’t sure how to restore it, just follow these instructions.