Why upgrade to Pro

By upgrading to the Pro version of Songtive, not only are you helping our team continue to develop this game-changing app, but you’re also expanding your own capabilities and learning potential as well. Upgrading your account to Songtive Pro is easy, well worth the investment and packed full with lots of great features.

  • Ad Free Mode removes all advertisements from Songtive. Just you and your music. The way it should be.
  •  Guitar or Piano Chords – You’ll be free to select either Piano or Guitar mode in the song menu. With a quick double tap, you’ll enter full screen mode for a wider view of where you want your music to go. Have any questions? See our tutorial.
  •  Private Mode enables you to discreetly save your chord charts, styles or drumset to Songtive Cloud. They’ll be visible only to you.
  •  MIDI Export  – This feature enables you to export your song locally or into another application for later use.
  •  Transpose feature is enabled only in Pro mode.